- This autumn, Sabrina will join the INTEGRAL MOVEMENT AND PERFORMANCE PRACTICE program in Berlin with LISPA.
This program explores the moving body at the intersection of the performing, healing and educational arts.
- Theatre du 1K is currently researching and developing Metamorphosis, a new show which will be ready for performance in 2015. Sabrina is collaborating with fellow shadow theatre maker, puppeteer and artist Lulu Radinger of Hit Gelamp company. Louise and Sabrina met on a long-string marionette course at the Little Angel Theatre and studied together at Spacelab at LISPA.

January until July 2014 SPACELAB at LISPA
Mai 2014- Working girl Shadow theatre at the Blue Elephant Theatre, Campberwell, London
April 2014 - Opera Mac Millan, 7 last words. Light paintings and visual effects , Union Chapel, Islington, London

October 2013 - Working girl goes to motherhood, Shadows and Marionette, Nursery Festival, London
September 2013 CityGirl , Shadow theatre, Skipton Festival
July 2013----- CityGirl ,Shadow theatre, Transcend Festival 5th and 7th of July, Pheonix Artist Club, Soho London UK.
December 2012------ Going Urban, London UK. 13th and 14th, 7PM - No Format Gallery- Harrington way, SE18 5NR November 2012---------Winter Opening Studio Unit 0-studio 9. 15th , 5pm - 9pm 17th and 18th, 11am - 6pm
August 2012------ The Wild Night of the Witches at the Little Angel Theatre, London UK
June 2012------ Wizzi 42 at Blackheath High Junior School.
June 2012------ Boxi3 in Prague, CZ
February 2012------ Wizzi 42 in Grassington , UK.
March 2012------ Wizzi 42 à Paris, FR
December 2011------ Cinderella in Rippon, UK